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Business Process Management

[fa icon="calendar"] 29/03/16 22:26 / by Martin Sawyer

Business process management is just one part of the operations management coaching that Vision2Results provides. We focus on improving your corporate performance by managing and optimising your company's business processes. This can also be described as a "process optimization process." Our Business Process Management training enables organisations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. These processes can directly impact the cost and revenue generation of your organisation.



As part of our training, we help by having a policy-making approach, Business Process Management sees processes as important assets of your organisation that must be understood, managed, and developed to announce value-added products and services to clients or customers. This approach closely resembles other total quality management or continual improvement process methodologies. Business Process Management is an approach that can be supported, or enabled, through the use of technology. Therefore we help by looking at both sides of this, from both a human process and from a technology perspective.

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Martin Sawyer

Written by Martin Sawyer

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