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Employee turnover risk management

[fa icon="calendar"] 10/03/16 03:25 / by Martin Sawyer

In my own management career I remember well when I first attended a training course on employee turnover risk managementand the impact it had on me. To give some context to this - I was a pretty good manager in many ways, I worked well with people, I was able to be both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, to look for results while also being open to what the people who worked for me needed, to hold them accountable, to connect them to some sense of common purpose and how that connected with their work, goals and metrics. I was able to hold it together when things went wrong, as they often did, and to role model what I was asking from my people. The result of all of that was that people were typically motivated, were challenged, performed well and the culture contained qualities of plenty of energy, fun, trust and respect.


 Employee turnover risk management

Why employee turnover risk managementt is so important for managers?

 I’m not sure I could have articulated all this that clearly then, I was to a fair degree just doing the best I could. I had of course some understanding of what was going on as I was an active learner, reflected regularly on what was happening and what I was doing to influence it, and had participated in some management development programmes over time - sample here. Crucially, looking back now, the company I was with engaged the services of a business management consultants whose support I constantly sought.


Which brings me back to that first leadership and management program I attended – the impact was really interesting, it was as if someone switched on the light in a room that was in semi-darkness! I could see clearly what it was that I had already been doing that was proving to be effective, I could see what was effective and why it was producing the results I was experiencing. I felt affirmed, encouraged and energized, ready to go back to work with renewed vigour.


I could see that the skills and way of being that are at the heart of coaching are also at the of leadership – the respect for people, the trust in them, the being open to their needs, the challenge and support of them. The ability to listen deeply, to be empathetic, to hold the purpose and goals in view no matter what is happening, to push to action, to hold accountable and to enable them to grow, develop, own and utilise their full potential. That is why coaching is the best gift for your managers. I could see I was on the way to becoming a good leader and, while I had much to learn and develop, I was already demonstrating the impact of effective leadership action plan on the people I worked with and on the business I was responsible for.


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Martin Sawyer

Written by Martin Sawyer

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How Employee Turnover Affects You

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