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Inner Person, Competencies and Your Business World

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Inner Person, Competencies  and Your Business World

An Approach That Works 


Allow us to use our model below to briefly explain our experience and approach:

Inner person competencies and your business world

  • Your Business World

This is the reality of your company/organization with all the complexity, challenge, success and difficulty it entails. It is typically where the need for development arises and where some of the barriers to success can exist. Check the Art of Challenge.

  •  Competencies

This represents the competencies of your people – the skills and knowledge they possess and have developed over time. Often development interventions are focussed here, via training events, but with little subsequent impact on the business.

  • Inner Person

Here is that inner world we all possess and which has such a profound effect on everything we do. Inner person is often where the real development work needs to be done for individuals, teams, managers and leaders. It’s the area where support is critical and without which little progress will be made.

For over thirty years we have been working with our clients operating across the full range of this model – coaching the ‘inner person’, ‘competency development’ and application in ‘your business world’ to overcome barriers and ensure success.


If you have implemented similar approach in your business that is an excellent indication, that training program is having the desired effect. If, on the other hand, levels of perceived control over the ‘’Inner Person’’ start to decline, you might want to re-evaluate the structure of ‘’your business world’’ and your training goals.


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