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Inner Persona Application In The Business

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Inner Persona Application In The Business

Most companies invest in the development of their people with the expectation that they will achieve a positive impact on their business – sometime!!


iner persona

Unfortunately, for many companies this ‘sometime’ can become a very long time, if ever, and the positive impact can prove very difficult to measure or see in any tangible way.

Lots of processes and systems are put in place but they often become exercises in hope rather than certainty i.e. companies continue to use them in the hope that some positive impact on the business will occur rather than taking the actions to make certain it will.

The ‘’Inner Person’’ approach ensures that development activity is purposeful in terms of business impact in addition to being motivational and challenging. More about Iner Persona here.


The Critical Elements Include:


  • Motivating and getting commitment from the delegates – i.e. facilitating the delegates through a process of becoming highly motivated and committed to taking on the challenges involved and of going outside their comfort zones.
  • Taking a phased approach to implementing development – i.e. running the development programme over a timeframe that matches the needs of the delegates and the work they are doing to deliver their performance improvement.
  • Providing on-going coaching support to the delegates as they apply their learning and skills to the business issues or needs – i.e. providing regular one-to-one coaching to each delegate to help them identify and resolve the barriers, both ‘inner person’ and external to them, that may be blocking their progress – rather than just telling them what to do and how to do it.

‘’…Learning is an ongoing process, not just one-off goal. The more people see, the more they want to see…’’


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How Employee Turnover Affects You

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