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Unlocking People's Potential

[fa icon="calendar"] 28/03/16 12:18 / by Martin Sawyer

What percentage of the talent and potential of your people are you using in your organisation?  Unlocking People's Potential.


unlocking people's potential

Most companies will admit that this percentage is very low, so, current performance in your organisation is possibly being delivered by 15, 20, 25% of your peoples’ potential.

What would it be like if you were utilising 40, 60, 80% of that latent talent and potential – for you, your people, your business performance?

Our human history shows that as we moved from age to age – Hunter / Gatherer – Agricultural – Industrial – we experienced a 50 fold increase in productivity and output at each stage. Now we are in the Knowledge Age – the potential of another significant shift in productivity awaits.


  • What holds us back? – Limiting beliefs/attitudes, processes/systems, organisation structure/culture, management skills/mindsets i.e. Current Reality
  • What’s facing us? - The challenge of creating a new reality – the challenge of greatness – the challenge of leadership – of engaging the ‘whole person’ – of moving from compliance to ‘creative excitement’

    unlocking people's potential
  • Consultation Stage 

This understanding will then enable you to make a professional contribution to building a solution for your organisation. An agreed solution based on specific business objectives and training outputs.

  • Results Area

As a consequence of this process, you can deliver a training solution that will be Relevant.


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Martin Sawyer

Written by Martin Sawyer

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How Employee Turnover Affects You

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